My message to you all : Never give up hope!  I hope with all my heart that one day every cancer  curable will be .  


I never thought that  cancer would be part of my story. There is your life before cancer, and your life after. Life is never the same as before cancer. God gave me a second chance, and i'm so thankful to be alive. 


I'm a survivor! I won the fight against cancer. 

I had cancer and it really was the hardest time of my life.  Sometimes it's not easy , to write about it or to speak about it, but i wanna help other people .  I start a journey into the past and i write on this side  about that time. But not only about the time with cancer, also the  time after cancer was not easy. The year 2009 was starting great but was ending bad. This diagnosis cancer changed my life, i had to start a fight  and i didn't know if i would win.

I was 23 years old and worked very hard for my dream to become a successful singer. Everything was great ,  i had my  first big record deal , a lot of appearances and a lot of friends. I was so happy and the first time in my life  i had a lot of luck . But in november 2009 , i heard this diagnosis and  my dreams are broken.  



On this website i write about my life with and after cancer . I write and publish also Informations about other Heroes which  have the fight against cancer have won . About heroes which lost the fight against cancer. About heroes in the fight against cancer and a lot more informations on the subject of cancer. My books about my life with and after cancer will be available in May 2019 , for free download.