My life, my music, my feelings, my hopes,my dreams, my wishes

 Wednesday,August 15,2018


hello my dear fans and friends. its really long time ago that i worked on this website but at first i had to do so much for all my other website projects . all what i do needs time because i do all that with all my heart . But from now on there will be no longer break anymore on this website projekt . English is such a beautiful language and brings people togheter from all over the world. My native language is german and i love this language very much but i also love the english language.i think it's not the most important thing to be perfect in any language, but its so wonderful to understand other languages and to talk and write with people from all over the world. this website project is much more than just a website , it´s a very important part from me , it´s a home for all my fans and friends and i will give my best for this website projekt. welcome to my life.


In my Diary I will write every day a little bit more, about me , about my music , my dreams, my hopes, my life with and after cancer, my musical idols and much more. Tomorrow i write a little bit about my big musical idol Patrizio Buanne .His music is so important to my life and makes me so happy on every new day.


warmest greetings ,liliane.







Wednesday, May 02,2018

Hello together.a lot of time has passed since my last diary entry and today i feel that it´s time to work on this website project again . Here i will write about me, my music, my life with and after cancer and much more. Life is not always easy but i love my life with all my heart and i'm so thankful to be alive.  I know that cancer is not just a word because i had cancer. My life with cancer was really sometimes very hard and also my life after cancer was and is not easy. My body is not as strong as it was before I got cancer,but my heart and my soul is stronger than ever before. I write and talk so openly about my life because I want to inspire other people. I want to share my courage and hope with other people and help them to never give up there dreams and never give up there hope. In life, sometimes we feel lost and broken.We feel all hope is gone but hope is never really gone because you can find the hope deep in your heart. In yourself. Yes, that's the place where you can find hope. Enjoy the small things everyday, like waking up and seeing the sunrise.  Believe in your self that you are unique. 

In my next diary entry i will write more about my music , my dreams and goals.In the next days i will fill this website with informations about me, my life , my music and much more and i hope you all enjoy it. 

hi guys, at the moment i work on so much projects therefore i had no time to work on this website . But the next days i will be here every day . My website about my life with and after cancer will be available soon. i will make also  a welcome video for this website, starting a video diary and much more. This website ist not only a website , its a part of my life . Its time to start a new musical journey and you all will be a part of this. in the next days i will start a new youtubechannel with cover songs and many others videos , special for this website. This diary is very  personal very special , here i will write about my feelings, my dreams , my hearts wishes, my big music idols and much diary entry will come soon.